Children's Book

The children's book based on the true story of our owner, Lara Eurdolian King and her husband traveling to Palm Springs, where they end up rescuing a senior Pomeranian dog that was living in the lobby of their hotel. 

Their rescue dog Charlie was dog #42 to be rescued by the property through a local shelter that lets one dog live in the lobby and when it gets recused a new dog gets put in. The property has helped over 150 dogs get rescued through their pet adoption program.

The children's book is about Charlie, the tour guide at the 'Pom Springs Hotel' who helps show families around the property all the while introducing them to his animal friends that all have unique living situations, the turtles live with the bunnies, the swans live with the ducks and their ducklings. Illustrating different types of families through animals, Charlie and his friends teach the kids there are all types of blended families and all the while Charlie hopes to be adopted and find his forever family.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to support animal welfare and rescue organizations.