About Us

We're a blank canvas here to be the base for what will soon be the coolest, personalized bag, camera strap, or bag strap that you can imagine.

What started as a desire for cooler camera straps has evolved into accessories from BOSS rings to DIY bags and straps. From the founder of the award winning, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog, Pretty Connected, Lara Eurdolian has launched a line of signature accessories. Known for always being always on the go, attending events and carrying around a camera, Lara was frustrated she could never find a strap that wasn't overly branded, or complemented her style. Wanting to easily be able to interchange her straps based on her outfit, Lara started creating her own. After receiving a lot of interest, she launched a collection.

Specializing in bag straps that double as camera straps, Pretty Connected encourages you to interchange personalize all of your straps. We added bags (ahem that also make for a rocking makeup bag) with D-rings that fit all of our straps so you can mix and match. For all of our straps and bags we recommend making them your own by adding pins, charms, patches, monogramming to even drawing on them.

For DIY ideas visit our Instagram page @prettyconnectedshop, or search the hashtag #prettyconnectedDIY.