Stylish gold long necklace chain worn with face mask
Product shot of gold face mask chain holder, small and large sizes
Gold face mask chain holder around neck attached to black mask
Gold long braided Nikki chain shown as a camera strap and water bottle holder
Nikki Gold Multi-Use Chain
Nikki Gold Multi-Use Chain
Our gold long chain being used to hang flip flops and water bottles
Product shot on white with our long gold face mask chain holder attached to a black mask
The Nikki gold long chain being worn as a stylish, modern necklace
Nikki Gold Multi-Use Chain
Nikki Gold Multi-Use Chain

Nikki Gold Multi-Use Chain

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The Original Face Mask Chain Necklace and multi-use strap!

The LONG is ideal as a bag, camera and water bottle chain. It can be used a mask chain, just make sure to double loop it to balance the weight. The MINI chain is more ideal as a mask chain and necklace but both can be used in a variety of ways!

For inspiration on all the uses visit:


  • Chain strap with gold hardware
  • Dimensions: 39"L x 0.3"W (99cm x 0.75cm) for the long, and 18.5"L x 0.3"W (47cm x 0.3cm) for the short
  • LONG strap weight: 5.1 oz/0.32 lbs
  • MINI strap weight: 2.4oz./0.15 lbs
  • Imported
  • Colors Gold (Silver and Mermaid are also available)
  • Material: Iron with custom electroplating
  • We make no medical claims

Pretty Connected Chain Strap from prettyconnected on Vimeo.